Thank you for visiting! Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on all the products I'm bringing over from my Etsy store and all the new ones - including Pride merch and new witchy accessories - that I'll debut here. Make sure you sign up for the news letter on the home page for a free digital tarot deck and meanings booklet, to be the first to know about when the store opens, and to know about any great sales I'm running here or over at Etsy!

  • AbOuT MoRRiGaN'S CRoWs

    I'm a little odd, a little weird. I was the friend parents didn't like seeing on their doorstep with my black hair, black eyeliner, and witchcraft books falling out of my backpack.

    Today, I'm still that same person -- with better eyeliner skills -- with pentacles around my neck and tarot cards in my purse. I've been a witch for almost 30 years, and a budding entrepreneur even longer. From my first foray into business selling greetings cards to the three people that lived on my road year round when I was in grade school to my short-lived law practice (yes, I'm a lawyer... but I'm recovering) to my first Etsy shop to this one, I've been hustling, bustling, and looking for the place where I fit. Turns out I just had to go back to my black-dyed roots, pick up my wand, and charm my sewing machine to crank out some bags. Just kidding. I'm sewing the bags. Just me, in my goth-y, vintage-decorated home -- think Morticia meets Lucille -- while my pups snore and I make plans for my next steps.

    Shopping with me means you're helping to grow my dream of opening a brick and mortar version of Morrigan's Crows where I can provide ethically sourced goods for your witchcraft practice. I want it to be a place where you can come to ask questions about your spiritual path, get a tarot reading, hear your favorite author speak, rally for social justice, and do some witchy crafting on make and take nights.