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Two hands holding various illustrated Tarot Cards with the words "Tarot Talk: Unveiling Your Mystical Connection Through the Perfect Deck" written over it.

Tarot Talk: Unveiling Your Mystical Connection Through the Perfect Deck

Hello, my tarot-curious friends. I thought it might be helpful for new readers to do a small series about how to get started with tarot, covering topics like your first deck, how to get started interpreting cards, reading for yourself, etc. So, today we’re going to talk about choosing your first deck. Yes, I said choosing, because the myth that you must be gifted your first deck is just that, a myth. 

The Smorgasbord of Choices

There’s a ton of options when you’re trying to choose your first deck, and you can get decision fatigue quickly. To help you choose, think of the decks like this: 

First, there’s the classic Rider-Waite deck—the Beyoncé of tarot—timeless, iconic, and always in style. Next, themed decks range from enchanted forests to cosmic realms to steampunk to angels, each beckoning you into its unique universe. 

And let's not forget oracle decks, like a best friend with mystical advice on speed dial. I like to use tarot and oracle both in my readings because of the way the compliment each other, but when learning I found it’s best to take one type at a time (because I didn’t and it was overwhelming).

Big Deck Energy

However, choosing a tarot deck isn't just about picking up a bunch of cards. It's like dating—you're looking for that connection, that zing, that special something you’ll know the minute you pick the deck up. However, it’s hard to find that connection when every deck is online or wrapped up at your nearest store. Because your tarot deck should be an extension of your energy and interests, embodying your personal magic, it is easiest to make a choice when you can get your hands on the cards, give it a shuffle, and look at the art. Dive into the imagery, symbolism, and energy each card exudes. Does it resonate with you? Does it speak your language of enchantment? How does it feel in your hands? 

Look for a metaphysical shop—if you have some near you—that has sample decks open for you to peruse. One here, The Eye Mpls, has a sample deck of every deck they carry so customers can shuffle through, look at the artwork, and see if they connect with it. 

If you can’t see the decks in person, fear not, for the digital realm is teeming with resources to help you navigate the labyrinth of decks. Websites, forums, and reviews from fellow practitioners can offer insights and recommendations that might just lead you to your deck soulmate. Don't be afraid to ask for opinions!

Wrap-Up: Your Magical Quest Begins!

In the grand tapestry of your mystical path, choosing a tarot deck is like selecting a unique thread that weaves through your journey. So, my witchy compatriots, embrace the adventure of finding a deck that resonates with your energy, connects with your interests, and aligns with your cosmic essence. Remember, this is about you and your magical exploration—because when you find the perfect deck, oh honey, the universe listens.

Are you ready to embark on the quest for your tarot deck match made in the stars? Let me know your thoughts, experiences, and divination adventures in the comments below! And don't forget to subscribe to my enchanting newsletter from the home page for a free digital tarot deck (current subscriber gift as time of publishing - this is subject to change). Until next time, may your spells be potent and your tarot readings be on point! 


Note: if you are interested in buying a new deck and want to save some money, head over to and use the code WITCHYFEMME for 20% off your purchase. I recommend The Guiding Light Tarot. It is GORGEOUS.

Two hands holding various illustrated Tarot Cards with the words "Tarot Talk: Unveiling Your Mystical Connection Through the Perfect Deck" written over it.
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